Set your goal, and sign up for this unmissable event located on the famous Great Ocean Road.The Great Ocean Road Running Festival is held in a beautiful and unique area of Victoria, Australia on the Southern Ocean.

Each year that this event has been conducted, it has attracted many athletes from around the world, all eager to participate in this challenging and pristine environment.

The Great Ocean Road is an icon in Australia and is renowned throughout the world for its beauty and panoramic views of the Southern Ocean. It has a colourful history surrounding its construction and ultimate destinations along the coastline.

Anyone travelling along this road by car would not be able to experience the absolute serenity and at times the wilderness experience that you as a runner can. As you run along this course, with no traffic at all, you can almost hear the waves calling your name. The only sound you will hear is the soft thud of footsteps from your fellow competitors.

If you are driving down to Apollo Bay via the Great Ocean Road, you can see kangaroos usually lounging on the Golf Course at Anglesea – worth a brief stopover on route. Koalas are usually ‘snoozing’ during the day high up in certain gum trees along the Great Ocean Road.


60km Ultra Marathon
Starts: Sunday May 19 at 8:00am from Lorne

44km Great Ocean Road Marathon
Starts: Sunday May 19 at 8:00am from Lorne

23km Half Marathon
Starts: Sunday May 19 at 8:00am from Kennett River

14km Paradise Run
Starts: Saturday May 18 at 1:00pm from Apollo Bay Hotel

6km Run
Starts: Saturday May 18 at 11:30am from Apollo Bay Hotel

1.5km Kids’ Gallop
Starts: Saturday May 18 at 10:30am from Apollo Bay Hotel

Great Ocean Road Walk
Starts: Sunday May 19 at 8:30am from Lorne

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