About Us

Yuktravel is Indonesia leading individual holiday and special interest travel operator. We connect our customers to beautiful destinations worldwide from exotic Maldives, romantic Santorini, historical India to cosmopolitan & natural Australia with the best itineraries travel deals. Yuktravel offers special interest tour packages supporting your group traveling for sports events, cruise holiday, self drive holiday or even your unforgettable romantic honeymoon journey with your love one.

Yuktravel Cruise

For some people, the best part about cruise holiday is that you only need to unpack once! Enjoy more than 1000+ Yuktravel Cruise holiday packages that already classified by cruise brand and destination port and start your cruise journey all over the world with superb dining choices, non stop onboard activities, broadway caliber night entertainment and the best part yet, cruise holiday is almost all-inclusive!


Yuktravel Active

Being active, enjoying beautiful destinations and making great life together is Yuktravel Active main goals and objectives. We are passionate to help our customers who wants to run, bike or do multi-sport events in beautiful destinations world wide. Yuktravel Active creates some signature sport travel packages with personalized programs that suit your travel group.


Yuktravel Honeymoon

A honeymoon should be unforgettable, whether it's a week in the lap of luxury on a private pool villa, or a journey to exotic and historical destinations in Europe with your love one. Yuktravel Honeymoon offers you with personalized romantic packages from Bali, Maldives, Japan, Australia and Europe.


Yuktravel Self Drive

With the freedom and flexibility to explore your own route, at your own pace, a self-drive holiday puts you in the driving seats. Yuktravel Self Drive offers hundred plus self-drive travel packages around the world working together with reliable car rental companies and suppliers to provide let you gear up along the road.


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